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45 09/04/2018 Regulations introduced for the tax incentives legislation through the laws no. 7103 and 7104.
43 06/04/2018 Regulations concerning the VAT Law and other tax laws within the Law no.7104 published in the Official Gazette.
41 04/04/2018 Documentation liability for 2017 in the implementation of transfer pricing
40 28/03/2018 SCT amounts and rates redefined for the goods within the lists no. (I), (II) and (III) attached to the SCT Law.
39 28/03/2018 Regulations concerning the tax legislation within the Law no.7103 published in the second repetitive Official Gazette dated 27 March 2018.
38 28/03/2018 Period for the entry of February registries to the Electronic Bookkeeping Declaration System by the self-employed extended until May 2.
37 26/03/2018 Submission date for income tax returns extended until 2 April 2018
36 22/03/2018 Effective date for Turkey-Vietnam Avoidance of Double Taxation Treaty set as 9 June 2017.
35 21/03/2018 Procedures and principles set for the certification of books by the trade registries during the establishment of joint-stock companies, limited liability corporations and cooperatives.
34 15/03/2018 Procedures and principles identified concerning the implementation of the Council of Ministers Decision for supports to the investments within the scope of attraction centers program.