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Does tax amnesty offer any benefits? Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.09.2021
Significant Transfer Pricing Disputes – IV
Nigeria’s First Transfer Pricing Judgment
M. Akif Tunç - İpek Tanrıverdi 01.09.2021
Transformation on international taxation: From competition to cooperation Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.08.2021
Significant Transfer Pricing Disputes – III
Cameco-Canada Federal Court of Appeal Decision
M. Akif Tunç - Borga Cem Ünal 01.08.2021
Significant Transfer Pricing Disputes – II
Philips France SAS – Administrative Supreme Court Decision
M. Akif Tunç - Borga Cem Ünal 01.07.2021
Statute of limitation application in terms of resource utilization support fund Atty. Ege Ertutar 01.07.2021
Significant Transfer Pricing Disputes - I
Adecco A/S-Decision of Supreme Court of Denmark
Akif Tunç - Fatih Bilkil 01.06.2021
Country by Country Reporting under transfer pricing documentation requirements Akif Tunç - Nur Subaşı 01.06.2021
Evaluation of financing expense limitation application in scope of BEPS and ATAD regulations Akif Tunç 01.05.2021
Application of financing expense restriction in terms of corporate taxpayers Berkay Kılıç 01.05.2021