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Title Author Date
Pricing of hard-to-value intangibles M. Akif Tunç
Zeynep Çelen
Tax regulations at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey M. Fatih Köprü 01.11.2022
What is being amended by the Serial No. 92 General Communique on Transaction Taxes? Atty. Barış Can Erdemir 01.11.2022
Supply chain disruptions and their impact on transfer pricing [1] M. Akif Tunç
Zeynep Çelen
Comparison of the practices on Authorized Economic Operator between Türkiye and the EU in terms of application criteria and benefits provided Aret Kutlu 01.10.2022
Tax measures against inflation and recession Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.09.2022
Impacts of new minimum wage M. Fatih Köprü 01.09.2022
“Cash Repatriation” with taxation M. Fatih Köprü 01.08.2022
The rules have been changed in e-commerce: New obligations, heavy sanctions! Cihan Bilaçlı 01.08.2022
Tax clamp on inflation recovery for employees Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.07.2022