One of the most significant priorities of companies today is to monitor and implement the developments about the maintenance of an efficient and reliably financial management supported by financial transformation. Besides, companies' tax departments must also shape their efforts due to the strategic and operational challenges they encounter in their tax functions and the need to operate efficiently.

Tax Performance Advisory services can assist you in the strategic and functional challenges your company faces by implementing effective tax practices and software tools and increasing the efficiency of your tax practice.

Our Tax Performance Advisory team can assist you in identifying the issues and implementing necessary practical solutions for a more efficient, effective and sustainable tax function, addressing all processes from beginning to end.

Some of the significant issues where companies can require our Tax Performance Advisory Services are as follows:

  • Saving requirements and budget pressures,
  • Mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs
  • Significant business events affecting tax processes, controls and technology
  • New ERP and accounting system or financial transformation across the company
  • Changing expectations of executives
  • Significant changes in personnel
  • Ethics and customer retention issues
  • Shared services, cross-border activities or encouragement of outsourcing
  • Requirements for ensuring compliance with tax legislation
  • Efforts to shorten financial processes
  • Issues identified during internal audit processes
  • Revision of reporting processes

In this regard, we will offer you contributions in the following main areas

  • Tax function evaluations
  • Organizational strategy and business model design
  • Identification of tax risks
  • Tax process design
  • Improvement of internal tax controls
  • Enabling tax data

Tax Performance Advisory Services Contact: Emre Çelebiler (Executive Director)

Contact: +90 212 408 57 34