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Number Date Title
68 01/07/2022 Real estate sales contracts drawn up at a notary public will be exempt from stamp tax, and papers issued regarding these transactions will be exempt from valuable paper costs.
67 29/06/2022 Amendments have been made to the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Tax Inspections.
66 28/06/2022 The effective article of the 0% withholding tax decision for foreign currency and gold translation deposits and participation accounts has been amended.
65 28/06/2022 The notification form regarding the country-by-country reporting for the 2021 accounting period must be submitted by the end of June.
64 28/06/2022 Withholding rates for some securities issued by mortgage finance institutions were temporarily reduced.
63 28/06/2022 Period of reduced rate withholding applied in terms of investment fund income except for foreign currency fonds and issued bond yields has been extended until December 31, 2022.
62 28/06/2022 Period of deposit interest and reduced rate withholding applicable to dividends paid by participation banks has been extended to December 31, 2022.
61 27/06/2022 BRSA has introduced limitation to TRY loan utilization of certain companies whose foreign currency assets equivalent exceeds TRY 15 million.
60 24/06/2022 The Bill of Law, including the establishment of the Istanbul Financial Center (IFC) and tax reductions and exemptions regarding the activities in this center, has entered into force through being approved at Grand National Assembly of Republic of Turkey (TGNA).
59 16/06/2022 The limit for determining tax identification numbers in terms of effective/foreign currency purchases has been increased to $5,000 for authorized institutions, banks, private financial institutions, and postal centers.