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Number Date Title
58 12/06/2022 The BITT rate calculated over the money received in favor of consumer loans has been determined as 10%.
57 02/06/2022 The Bill of Law, including the establishment of the Istanbul Financial Center (IFC) and tax reductions and exemptions regarding the activities in this center, was submitted to the Speaker’s Office of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.
56 31/05/2022 Service providers, social network providers and hosting providers that mediate the publication of advertisements on the Internet are included in the obligation to provide continuous information.
55 30/05/2022 Explanations regarding amendments made in VAT Law with the Law numbered 7394 have been made.
54 30/05/2022 With the Law No. 7407, corporate tax exemption was introduced for the incomes of corporations from converting foreign currencies in their balance sheets dated March 31, 2022 into TL.
53 28/05/2022 Explanations were made about the amendments made with the Law No. 7346 in the application of income tax withholding incentives in R&D/design centers and technology development zones.
52 27/05/2022 Minimum fixed and fixed SCT amounts for alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and tobacco products have been re-determined.
51 27/05/2022 The period for applying 0% entertainment tax on domestic and foreign film screenings has been extended to 31 December 2022.
50 26/05/2022 Principles and procedures regarding income exemption applicable for taxpayers subject to simple entry have been established.
49 25/05/2022 Period of guarantees which are required to be given until the end of May by taxpayers, carrying out activities subject to licencing in scope of Law numbered 5015 and 5307, has been extended until June 30, 2022.