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A new tax security measure! Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.12.2020
Uncertainty on exchange transaction tax in insurance companies and private pension funds Merih Tümkaya 01.12.2020
Restructuring to tax debts is on the way M. Fatih Köprü 01.11.2020
Taxation of wages of employees in Turkey due to Covid-19 Tamer Türkyılmaz - Erkan Bulut 01.11.2020
The cumulative base burden both on the employee and employer! Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.10.2020
Employee rights and specific circumstances in case of resignation Dr. Hakkı Demirci - Tayfun Kartal 01.10.2020
In the wake of mandatory transition to despatch advice Cem Onat 01.09.2020
Basic e-ledger and e-invoice matters in tax audits Cem Onat 01.09.2020
14-year implementation of withholding on free (FX) funds is changing Merih Tümkaya 01.09.2020
Should tax be paid on default interest? Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.08.2020