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Common Reporting Standards (CRS) Ateş Konca
Berk Taşkın
Certain specific matters concerning the agreement for prevention of double taxation signed with Germany Elif Yılmaz
Yonca Yalkın
New term for the taxation of income acquired through independent personal services Gamze Durgun
Çağatay Oğuzhan Aytoğu
Establishment of regional headquarters in Turkey and taxational assessment Elif Akkaranfil
Ezgi Boz
Multilateral instrument (MLI) from Turkish perspective Ateş Konca
Görkem Haraçcı
Taxation of the digital economy: Evaluations on the amendments on permanent establishment notion Elif Yılmaz
Görkem Haraçcı
BEPS project and its global reflections Akif Tunç
Efe Can Akgül
Planned amendments to the tax legislation through the Draft Law approved in Planning and Budget Commission M. Fatih Köprü 01.11.2017
Interest payment liability of the State on refunds to the taxpayer upon the court decisions rendered in favor of the taxpayer Atty. Sinem Gül 01.10.2017
Electronical issuance to start for waybill and self-employed receipt M. Fatih Köprü 01.10.2017