In our world which is gradually becoming more globalized, changes in tax practices affect individuals' plans about their personal wealth, whereas tax legislation plays a determining role in the decisions on investment, finance, growth and expansion related to individuals' wealth.

Tax and legal issues that directly concern individuals' decisions can certainly be quite complicated at times. Addressing these issues in detail from all aspects will avoid undesired results both from financial and legal perspectives.

At EY, our team specialized in personal tax services which works internationally on an integrated basis offers the following services to real persons:

  • International personal tax planning
  • Personal tax advisory
  • Tax advisory for family businesses
  • Preparation of income tax return
  • Preparation of transfer and inheritance tax return

Personal Tax Services Team:

Emre Çelebiler (Director)

Contact: +90 212 368 57 34

Damla Varolsun (Senior Manager)

Contact: +90 212 368 51 54

International Assignments Tax and Social Security Services Responsible Partner:  Emre Çelebiler 

Contact: +90 212 368 57 34

Damla Varolsun (Senior Manager)

Contact: +90 212 368 51 54