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33 06/03/2018 Regulations within the Draft Law dated 2 February 2018, approved in the Planning and Budgetary Commission, concerning the tax legislation.
32 28/02/2018 Regulations concerning the tax legislation within the Draft Law submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 27 February 2018.
28 22/02/2018 Certain amendments announced to the Implementing Regulation for Technological Development Sites.
27 22/02/2018 Facility of benefitting from supports provided to the region of integration investments performed in various regions has been introduced through the Council of Ministers Decision no. 2018/11297.
26 20/02/2018 Concerning the deliveries subject to reduced rate, amounts not refunded through deduction should be included into the VAT return of January.
25 19/02/2018 Notification and independent auditing made mandatory for companies with loans in foreign currencies of USD 15 million and over.
24 16/02/2018 Amendments announced for the implementation of reduced tax rate applied on certain goods within the SCT list no (l).
23 12/02/2018 Submission period for advance tax returns extended until 19 February 2018.
22 05/02/2018 VAT rate on tolls for undersea motorway tunnels constructed by build-operate-transfer model lowered to 8 %.
21 02/02/2018 Sections for VAT refund in construction works, VAT exemption in roaming services and partial withholding within VAT General Implementation Communique amended.