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14 12/01/2024 Turkish Revenue Administration has published an announcement regarding documents which shall not be included in Ba-Bs forms.
13 12/01/2024 Amounts, whose refund has not been realized through deduction, regarding deliveries subject to reduced rate should be included in VAT return of January.
12 09/01/2024 The minimum wage tariff to be applied in 2024 by members of the profession (Public Accountant, Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Accountant) has been published.
11 08/01/2024 Submission and payment terms of VAT returns, submitted by those responsible for making tax deduction, have been amended.
10 05/01/2024 Domestic and abroad daily allowance amounts exempted from income tax (01.01.2024-30.06.2024).
9 05/01/2024 Severance pay cap and child allowance amounts exempted from income tax (01.01.2024-30.06.2024).
8 02/01/2024 The Communiqué, which imposes obligations on using new generation cash register (NG CR) and providing payment opportunities with bank cards through these devices, has been published.
7 02/01/2024 The lower and upper limits of the housing values to be used in the calculation of the valuable housing tax in 2024 have been announced.
6 02/01/2024 Environmental cleaning tax amounts to be paid in 2024 for housing, workplaces and buildings used in other ways have been announced.
5 02/01/2024 The amount of special communication tax payable at the initial establishment of a mobile phone subscription in 2024 has been announced.