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50 05/07/2024 Domestic and abroad daily allowance amounts exempted from income tax (01.07.2024-31.12.2024).
49 05/07/2024 Severance pay cap and child allowance amounts exempted from income tax (01.07.2024-31.12.2024).
48 02/07/2024 Financial holiday for 2024 shall be applied between July 2 and July 20.
47 27/06/2024 In places where force majeure has been declared, the guarantee period for taxpayers operating in the fuel and LPG sector has been extended.
46 12/06/2024 The obligation to issue receipt has been introduced for saving financing companies, payment institutions and electronic money institutions.
45 06/06/2024 Constitutional Court has canceled the provision regarding fee exemption which is applicable for transactions made by asset management companies and papers issued accordingly.
44 05/06/2024 Double Taxation Agreement between Türkiye and South Korea and its attached protocol has been approved by the President.
43 27/05/2024 Installment payment terms in scope of Law numbered 7256 and 7326 at locations under force majeure situations have been extended.
42 23/05/2024 Previously declared Joint statement of Türkiye and United States regarding transition process of Pillar 1 has been updated.
41 21/05/2024 Certain amendments have been made in terms of electronic ledger implementation.