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37 03/03/2023 Basis for SCT Rates determined for passenger cars with only electric engines are increased.
36 02/03/2023 The export period of the goods delivered within the scope of the postponement-abandonment application was extended at locations where force majeure was declared due to the earthquake.
35 01/03/2023 Explanations have been made on amendments regarding miscellaneous laws and Corporate Tax Law.
34 27/02/2023 Explanations regarding VAT refund implementation at locations announced force majeure due to earthquake have been made.
33 23/02/2023 For the locations declared force majeure due to the earthquake, the installment periods in the structuring laws numbered 7256 and 7326 have been re-determined.
32 23/02/2023 VAT rate is determined as 1% in the deliveries of prefabricated buildings and containers until 31.12.2023.
31 20/02/2023 Documents demonstrating overdue debt status of beneficiaries shall not be required in terms of payments to be made by public institutions due to earthquake until July 31, 2023.
30 15/02/2023 Withholding tax rate applied over the amounts considered as distributed dividends regarding their own shares and partnership shares acquired by capital companies is reduced to 0%.
29 15/02/2023 VAT rate has been reduced to 1% in the deliveries of prefabricated buildings and containers to natural disaster victims and public institutions until 31.12.2023.
28 14/02/2023 Documentation arrangement in terms of fuel deliveries at earthquake zone and tax obligations regarding free-of-charge accommodation services.