In the global markets where competition gradually increases, the most critical factor leading the companies to success is the people. Companies need guidance pertaining to their personnel particularly in the following areas.

  • Elective management of international assignment programs,
  • Decreasing risks through providing compliance with legislation in the global market where regulations have gradually become more complex,
  • Providing optimization in income tax and social security premium costs pertaining to wages of companies' personnel.

As EY, we assist our customers to perform their tax liabilities with our global service network comprising professional specialist on individual tax advisory services. Services provided within our International Assignments Tax and Social Security Services are given in main titles below.

  • Providing advisory services to establish the most appropriate structure for the persons and companies during international assignment processes,
  • Support services on optimization of income tax liabilities of international employees and employers (Arranging coming-going meetings with the employees and providing services of issuing income tax returns),
  • Providing advisory services in evaluation of remuneration plans, analysis of the risks in terms of tax, calculation of income tax and including it in the payroll,
  • Examination of the liabilities in terms of social security legislation in international personnel and project-based employee assignments.

People Advisory Services Team:

Erdal Çalıkoğlu (Head of Tax Department)

Didem Erdem (Associate Partner)

Contact: +90 212 408 51 30