ITS Alerts 2004 5501 ITS Alerts 2004 5501

Date Summary
15-Dec-2004 Turkey's new participation and international holding regime implemented to increase foreign direct investments.
16-June-2004  The Turkish government has sent a draft tax law to Parliament that intends to improve Turkey's competitiveness in the international business community. Law includes provisions about foreign dividends and branch profits, participation exemption, special tax incentives, mining activities, R&D incentives, exemption for education enterprises, tax amnesty for irregularity penalties, bookkeeping in foreign currency and internet tax return filings.
13-Apr-2004  An English version of the new income tax treaty and accompanying protocol between the governments of Luxembourg and the Republic of Turkey, which were signed on June 9, 2003, were recently made available.
25-Feb-2004 Turkey abolished as of January 1, 2004 10% "fund surtax" ("Gelir Vergisi ve Kurumlar Vergisi üzerinden Alınan Fon Payı") which was until December 31, 2003, deducted from income subject to corporate or shareholder level taxes.
9-Feb-2004 An English  version  of  the  income  tax  treaty and  accompanying  protocol  between  the governments of Turkey and Spain, which were signed on July 5, 2002, was recently made available.
26-Jan-2004 Turkish parliament has ratified new laws intended to broaden the tax base by reducing the size of the unrecorded economy, to lower the tax burden on low-income residents and to conform the tax system with OECD and EU norms.