Today's business and tax environment is increasingly complex, there are more and more demands for transparency, tax departments are under pressure to be more effective and highly qualified professionals can be hard to find. The changing tax legislation and economic conditions make the preparation of tax balance sheets even more difficult than usual.

To help you respond to these demands, we provide assistance in the following fields:

  • Tax accounting: Supporting quarterly and annual tax provision calculations, validating tax balance sheet accounts, providing assistance by reconciling IFRS financial statements and tax bases in terms of deferred tax balance sheets as per IFRS, providing assistance for the evaluation of the effects of transition from the country's generally accepted accounting standards to IFRS or TAS
  • Tax risk control: Identifying and prioritizing key risks and assisting with risk provision calculations according to IFRS
  • Deferred tax trainings: Supporting the study and documentation of tax accounting issues, providing on-site training at tax departments about tax accounting principles and other developments, providing advisory and training services for tax accounting policies 

Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services Responsible Partner: Serdar Altay

Contact: +90 212 408 51 30