While establishments try to develop strategies, comply with legislations, apply their business plans and manage their risks, they may have problems with developing solutions for tax applications.

Our tax advisory team provides support in achieving compliance between business plans and tax applications of establishments through assisting them to take right decisions on correct times.

Strategic Tax Planning Advisory Services

We provide strategic tax planning to establishments in order to provide a positive development in the long term establishment performance and cash flow, an improvement in the capital structure and operational financing through decreasing the effective tax burdens.

Operational Tax Planning Advisory Services

Tax advisory services are provided for examination of various processes including purchase and sale transactions of immovable and intangible assets in terms of tax applications and decreasing the effective tax rates.

Tax Advisory Services Pertaining to Finance Institutions and Financial Transactions

We provide advisory services pertaining to evaluation of institutions operating in the finance sector and financial transactions within the scope of tax legislation, banking, foreign exchange and other financial legislations.

Tax Advisory Services Responsible Partner: Erdal Çalıkoğlu (Head of Tax Department)

Contact+90 212 408 53 20

Finance Sector Tax Advisory Services Responsible Partner: İhsan Akar

Contact: +90 212 408 52 23