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“Adjustment” for Inflation Adjustment is a must! Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.04.2024
Approach of Competition Authority on privilege of attorney/client relation Cihan Bilaçlı 01.04.2024
Inflation adjustment according to Tax Procedure Law in the light of recent regulations and specified issues Dr. Can Sözer 01.03.2024
Tax advantages of attendance fee payment Atty. Birnur Dal 01.03.2024
Taxation of the income acquired through rental revenues and real estate sale in 2023 M. Fatih Köprü 01.02.2024
“Mergers and Acquisitions Overview Report” for 2023 has been published Cihan Bilaçlı 01.02.2024
DEKAB (Deposit Participation Fee) is commenced to be applied after GEKAP (Recycling Contribution Fee). Sercan Bahadır 01.01.2024
Taxation of social media content producers M. Fatih Köprü 01.01.2024