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Mustafa Çamlica, Partner
(Country Managing Partner)
Tel: 0212 368 53 76

Mustafa Camlica is Country Managing Partner of E&Y Turkey. He started his tax career in 1984 at Ministry of Finance; then he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers between 1994 and 1996. In 1996, he joined Arthur Andersen; he became a Partner in Charge in 1999 and became Head of Tax in 2001 at Arthur Andersen. He was transferred to Ernst & Young in 2002 as Head of Tax. He has 26 years experience on domestic tax issues, including internal audits performed by the Ministry of Finance. He has been involved in many energy projects, mergers, acquisitions and various privatization projects as leader tax consultant. He is specialized on automotive, energy and finance sectors. 

Mustafa Camlica, who has chartered accountant title since 1994, has Economics BA degree from Ankara University School of Political Sciences and Economics, Accounting and Finance M. Sc from London School of Economics. He is a member of Tax Council which provides advisory services within Ministry of Finance. He has attended many events as spokesperson. He has written more than 100 articles about tax. He regularly attends Tax Notes International and also a member of International Fiscal Association IFA and TUSIAD (Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association).

Professional Experience

►Tax Inspection,
►Tax Controversies
►Tax policy issues
►Tax restructuring and international tax treaties

Erdal Çalikoglu, Partner
(Head of Tax)
Tel: 0212 368 53 68 

Erdal Calikoglu, who is Ernst & Young Tax Partner (1994), has been working as Head of Tax since January 2011. He is specialized in many tax issues from finance legislation to transfer pricing.

Before becoming a partner at Ernst & Young, he had been working as tax inspector and then as Senior Tax Inspector at Ministry of Finance. During his term of office, he was assigned in tax inspections conducted at industrial firms. He was also sent to UK for 2 years to analyze tax inspection system and authorities of tax inspectors.

Professional Experience

► Tax disputes
► Tax consultancy on restructuring projects such as mergers, ► acquisitions, spin-offs and share exchanges.
► Transfer pricing
► Experience in insurance, mining and pharmaceutical sectors
► Author and editor

Sadik Ferik, Partner

(Global Compliance&Reporting Services Leader)
Tel: 0212 368 55 62

Sadık Ferik, who had started to work as Assistant Finance Inspector in 1984, became Finance Inspector in 1987 at Ministry of Finance. While working in Ministry of Finance, in 1991, he was deployed in London to research on British finance administration; then he was deputized for Vice Head of Ankara Revenue Office in 1993. Sadik Ferik started to work at Arthur Anderson in 1993, and then became a partner in 1998. He has been working as partner in Ernst & Young Tax Department since 2002.

Sadik Ferik, who has Chartered Accountant title, is also member of Istanbul Chartered Accountant Chamber, Finance Managers Foundation (Finance Club), Turkey Economical and Monetary Research Foundation (TEMAR) member, and Transparency International (Turkey Representative) board.

Professional Experience

► 25 years of experience in internal tax issues, including audits performed by Ministry of Finance,
► Local and international tax advisory services,
► Firms operating in manufacturing sector,
► Iron, Steel, Automotive and Logistic sectors,
► Free Zone and Port Legislation Applications.

A. Feridun Güngör, Partner
(Business Tax Advisory Services Leader)
Tel: 0212 368 54 21 

He has been working at Tax and Financial Advisory Department since 1997 as Partner in Charge. He has Bachelor's Degree from Ankara University Economics Department and Management M. Sc. from Cleveland State University Business School. He has Chartered Accountant title, and also member of Istanbul Chartered Accountant Chamber.

Professional Experience

► He has deep knowledge about international taxation, double tax treaties and transfer pricing issues.
► He provides advisory services about mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, share exchange and corporate restructurings.
► His clients include financial leasing companies , banks, intermediary companies, investment funds and investment trusts operating in Financial Services Sector, and companies operating in retail sales, manufacturing and construction sectors, and insurance and energy companies.
► He is a member of IFA (International Fiscal Association), TUSIAD (Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association) Tax Labor Group and International Investors Association (YASED) Tax and Investment Committee.
► He has articles in some local and international magazines, like Vergi Dünyası, Yaklaşım, Active, Ekonomist and Tax Notes International.
► He represented Turkey at negotiations about preventing double taxation, organized by OECD in various committees and working groups.

İhsan Akar, Partner
(Financial Services Department Leader)
Tel: 0212 368 52 23

Ihsan Akar is tax partner in Ernst & Young Istanbul office. His career started at Ministry of Finance as Tax Inspector in 1987. He started to work in Andersen Tax Department as Tax Manager in 1995, and became Tax partner in 2001. He has been specialized in taxation of finance sector during his term of service in Andersen. He joined Ernst & Young Turkey in August 2002 as Tax partner, and he has Chartered Accountant title. Mr. Akar is a member of TUSIAD Banking Labor group.

Professional Experience

► He is specialized in taxation of financial outputs and financial companies operating in Finance Sector mainly being banks, intermediary companies, financial leasing companies and factoring companies.
► He provides tax certification and tax advisory services to Turkey's leading banks, intermediary companies, financial leasing companies and factoring companies.
► He has been assigned as partner in charge in merger and acquisition processed and due diligence studies of various banks and financial institutions.

Dursun Özcan, Partner
(People AdvisoryServices Leader)
Tel: 0212 368 55 09

Professional Experience

► He graduated from METU School of Economics.
► He started his audit career at Andersen in 1989. He has been working in EY since 2002.
► He has been working as Partner in Charge since 2003.
► He has provided tax advisory and financial advisory services to local and international manufacturing and trade companies which are leaders in various sector in Turkey; he has conducted supporting studies in group restructuring projects within holding companies and intra-sector acquisition projects; he has provided advisory services for various acquisition and merger projects; he has also provided consultancy on free zone legislation and tax legislation to the companies operating in free zones; and he was assigned for a temporary duty for 3 months in Anderson Romania and Bucharest OfficesHe is also a member of Izmir Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Chamber Legislation Committee, Turkey Accountant Specialist Committee (TMUD), Turkish-French Trade Committee, and also Izmir Mavisehir Rotary Club.

Sedat Tasdemir, Partner
(Indirect Tax Services Leader)
Tel: 0212 368 57 34

Sedat Tasdemir started to work at Arthur Andersen in 1989 and became a partner in 2004. He had been working in Ernst & Young Ankara office between 1991 and 2004. He has been working as partner in Istanbul office since 2004. He has wide experience on tax certification and advisory services. Sedat Tasdemir, who has Chartered Accountant title, is also member of Istanbul Chartered Accountant Chamber.

Professional Experience

► Wide knowledge and experience in manufacturing, mining and energy sectors.
► Experience in introducing technical solutions through technological means to improve the quality of tax certification and advisory services.
► Participation to many local and international seminars and conferences as finance specialist

Ersin Erdem, Partner
(Acquisition Advisory and Support Services Leader)
Tel: 0212 368 53 20

Ersin Erdem is Acquisition Advisory and Support Services Partner in Ernst & Young Turkey. Ersin Erdem, who joined Ernst & Young in 1996, has wide experience about Acquisition Advisory and Support Services. Mr. Erdem has led many Acquisition Advisory and Support Services in Ernst and Young. After the merger with Arthur Andersen, he was assigned as Acquisition Advisory and Support Services Manager; and he has 15 years work experience. He is specialized on Acquisition Advisory and Support Services including due diligence studies, restructuring projects, merger and acquisition structuring processes and privatization of public organizations.

Mr. Erdem, who has Chartered Accountant title, graduated from Istanbul University Business Administration Department.

Professional Experience

► Tax,
► Due Diligence Studies,
► Restructuring,
► Merger and acquisitions,
► Tax Advisory and Tax Certification Services,
► Individual Tax Liabilities


M. Müge Tan, Partner

(Financial Services)
Tel: 0212 368 52 23

Muge Tan is Tax Partner in EY Istanbul Office, and she has been specialized in finance sector and financial services. She started her career at Arthur Andersen as tax inspector and consultant in 1996. During the merger between Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen, she was assigned as tax manager at Ernst & Young in 2002.

As a tax partner, Mrs. Tan has provided tax advisory and tax compliance services in various projects.

Professional Experience

► Individual and corporate taxation,
► Tax advisory and compliance services for the firms operating in financial services sector,
► Tax advisory services for financial and capital market instruments,
► Tax advisory services on merger and acquisition projects,
► Due diligence studies,
► Presentation of various training programs to both clients and Ernst & Young staff


Alper Yılmaz, Partner
(Country Transfer Pricing Leader)
Tel: 0212 368 58 57

Alper Yılmaz took his bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the Middle East Technical University with an honorary degree, then received his master's degree in Economics from Bilkent University and ultimately earned his doctorate degree in Economics from the University of California.

Having gained professional experience in the University of California and Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, Alper Yılmaz led his professional and educational life in the USA for many years. He then left his position of Vice President at Adecco SA, New York in 2011 and joined Ernst & Young Turkey as a partner.

Alper Yılmaz has numerous honorary degrees, honorary fellowships, awards and published works. He knows English and French.

Professional Experience

►Transfer pricing  and U.S. Treasury Regulations,
►Global Transfer Pricing Function within economic analysis, planning and documentation
►Brand name and trademarks, brand and business valuations, mergers and acquisitions,
►Brand name and trademark licensing royalty structures including transfer pricing planning around tax, intellectual property and intangible non-current assets.

Hüseyin Fevzi Saltik, Executive Director
(Indirect Tax Certification Services – VAT Refund Services)
Tel: 0212 368 51 70 

Mr. Saltik had been working at Court of Auditors between 1984 and1986 as Auditor on public organizations' financial auditing. In 1986, he had left his hob and started to work at Ministry of Finance Review Committee. Until 1995, he had continued to work as Fiscal Inspector on inspection, audit, inquiry and tax inspections in public and private sectors. During his term of office in the capacity of Fiscal Inspector, he was temporarily assigned in USA for a year. He resigned from Fiscal Inspectorship and started to work in Ernst & Young VAT department as Executive Director, and he is still working at the same job. Huseyin Fevzi Saltik, who has Chartered Accountant title, is also member of Istanbul Chartered Accountant Chamber.

Professional Experience

► VAT Legislation, VAT Refund, CAC Legislation certification services.
► He has experience about the firms operating in pharmaceutical, mining, automotive and defense industry sectors.

M. Fatih Köprü, Executive Director
(Tax Services – Publication Director)
Tel: 0212 368 55 09 

M. Fatih Kopru, who had started to work at Arthur Andersen in 1996 after his resignation from Ministry of Finance, became Tax Manager in 1999. He worked as Senior Manager in Ernst & Young Istanbul office between 2002 and 2007. He is still working in Ernst & Young Turkey as Publication Director. He has Chartered Accountant title, and he graduated from Istanbul University School of Political Sciences.

Professional Experience

► 19 years of tax experience including his experience in Ministry of Finance
► Tax certification and tax advisory services especially for financial institutions
► Training services