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Taxation of the dividends to the foreign shareholder and the concept of beneficial owner Atty. Ege Ertutar 01.04.2019
Does Turkey’s digital economy taxation lead “protectionism? Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.04.2019
Taxation of the income acquired through rental revenues and real estate sale M. Fatih Köprü 01.03.2019
Assessment on VAT in exchange rate differences with respect to the basic principles of taxation Hatice Tuncer 01.02.2019
Taxation of the phenomena Tamer Türkyılmaz 01.02.2019
Electronic bookkeeping declaration system Pınar Arık 01.01.2019
Assessment on whether the liquidation loss of the affiliated company will be considered as an expense in the detection of corporate income Burcin Bak 01.01.2019