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LBO and “Debt Push Down” instruments and assessment on them within the context of Turkish tax laws Atty. İlker Doğan 01.08.2019
VAT implementation on recharges of payroll items Berkin Özhan 01.08.2019
An assessment on the condition of payment of taxes accrued on the tax returns submitted in the last two years and the year in which the reduction is calculated within the context of tax reduction for compliant taxpayers Atty. Barış Can Erdemir 01.07.2019
Getting ready for the recycling participation fee Cemre Arslan 01.07.2019
Additional SSI premium risk for the staff employed in free zones Dr. Hakkı Demirci 01.06.2019
Assessment on the prosecutability of amended returns submitted with reservation on the request of the administration in the light of judicial decisions Trn. Atty. Demet Selin Gündoğdu 01.06.2019
Assessment on taxation matters to arise in case a foreign company transfers the shares of a joint-stock company resident in Turkey to another foreign company within the context of DTT between Turkey and Germany Atty. Birnur Dal 01.05.2019
Transparency in tax: Purpose and measures Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.05.2019
Taxation of the dividends to the foreign shareholder and the concept of beneficial owner Atty. Ege Ertutar 01.04.2019
Does Turkey’s digital economy taxation lead “protectionism? Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.04.2019