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Inflation adjustment according to Tax Procedure Law in the light of recent developments and specific subjects Dr. Can Sözer 01.12.2023
Evaluation of additional motor vehicle tax decision of Constitutional Court:
Is preamble applicable in terms of additional tax?
Atty. Barış Can Erdemir
Atty. Birnur Dal
Income tax issues arising from the housing market Tamer Türkyılmaz
Nur Şapcı
Sustainability and competition law: What is discussed in the Guideline? Cihan Bilaçlı
Cemre Başkır
Inflation adjustment according to Tax Procedure Law and specified issues Dr. Can Sözer 01.10.2023
The investigation into labor markets was concluded with a penalty Cihan Bilaçlı 01.10.2023
Taxation problems arising due to making certain goods, included under list numbered 1 attached to Special Consumption Tax Law, ready for reuse Dr. Mesut Karadağ 01.09.2023
Taxation of earnings from X Tamer Türkyılmaz 01.09.2023
Invisible hand collecting taxes and supplementary budget Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.08.2023
European Union horizontal cooperation regulation have been amended Cihan Bilaçlı
Atty.Banu Arslan