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Taxation problems arising due to making certain goods, included under list numbered 1 attached to Special Consumption Tax Law, ready for reuse Dr. Mesut Karadağ 01.09.2023
Taxation of earnings from X Tamer Türkyılmaz 01.09.2023
Invisible hand collecting taxes and supplementary budget Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.08.2023
European Union horizontal cooperation regulation have been amended Cihan Bilaçlı
Atty.Banu Arslan
Deduction application in cash capital increase M. Fatih Köprü 01.07.2023
BEPS Pillar 2 substance-based income exclusion rule and its impacts on incentives Gamze Durgun 01.07.2023
Contradiction of additional tax to the Constitution Abdulkadir Kahraman 01.06.2023
Agenda of competition law Cihan Bilaçlı 01.06.2023
Maximum refundable VAT Hüseyin Feyzi Saltık 01.05.2023
VAT Exemption in terms of housing or workplace sales to foreigners Cengiz Kaya 01.05.2023