The purpose of the Tax Audit and Certification services performed by EY with the most competent teams of Turkey and good knowledge of information technologies is to ensure that corporations perform their tax liabilities accurately and on time. Our tax professionals conduct the audit comprehensively and effectively, and provide highly advanced solutions on the documentation and achieving the work conducted.

Tax Audit and Certification services are provided below:

Corporate Tax Certification Services

  • Reviewing clients' all kinds of books, accounts, entries and transactions; and documents on which they are based, for the purpose of determining whether the taxes, primarily, corporate tax, temporary tax and dividend withholding, which corporations are liable of paying, have been calculated as determined by tax legislation and paid on time and precisely.
  • Determination of whether the legal books have been kept in compliance with the Accounting Systems Applications General Communiqué and other related accounting standards and principles,
  • Identification of the errors and deficiencies that may emerge with respect to meeting tax obligations and identifying in advance the measures that should be taken for eliminating them.

Value Added Tax Refund Certification Services

  • Checking whether the Value Added Tax amount requested to be refunded has been determined accurately,
  • Analyzing the accuracy of the Value Added Tax deduced and refunded through cross-check method
  • Analyzing the accuracy of the transactions that generate right of refund and reviewing the documents substantiating such transactions,
  • Controlling the files prepared with respect to refund and deduction requests before submitting to the Tax Office.

Other transactions whose certification is statutory:

  • Determining whether the capital has been paid
  • Internal funds which are used in capital increase
  • R&D expenditures 
  • Investment allowance exemption
  • Utilization of some petroleum products and
  • Other tax exemption that companies benefit in their corporate tax calculation
Tax Audit and Certification Services Responsible Partner: Dursun Özcan

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