The following services are provided on tax controversy:

  • Informing the taxpayer on possible tax disputes and following up up-to-date developments,
  • Assessment of tax risks that could result from commercial transactions,
  • Providing consultancy services for the settlement of disputes regarding tax refund during administrative process and evaluating alternative solutions,
  • Negotiating with the tax office, providing assistance with regard to required correction and refund applications,
  • Evaluating the results of the administrative procedures,
  • Providing technical support in tax ruling application process, preparation of the documentations required for application and assessment of the results
  • Preparation of documentations and lists and review of reports during the process of tax inspections
  • Conducting technical evaluations required for "Reconciliation" or "litigation" processes following the completion of tax inspections
  • Providing support in taking reconciliation decisions before or after assessment and determining appropriate reconciliation limits
  • Providing required support and consultancy services during the litigation phase
  • Checking whether the correction operations of the tax office after the lawsuit or reconciliation are in conformity with the decision
  • Providing consultancy services for conflicts regarding taxes imposed at customs

Tax Controversy Services Responsible Partner: Erdal Çalıkoğlu (Head of Tax Department)

Contact: +90 212 408 53 20