In business life, it is not quite possible to know every detail of our ever-changing tax legislation and follow up each and every update to the applications. Due to its dynamic structure, the legislation is hard to follow up even for the professionals in this field, as well as the taxpayers.

As EY tax department, we are aware of the need for tax training and therefore we organize wide-scope tax training programs.

Within the framework of an interactive participation and our experts sharing their knowledge and experiences to the participants; periodical open trainings and specific trainings for companies are provided as below. 

► Open Training Services
In our open training services held periodically, our team of experts provides wide-scope trainings to the participants. In our trainings, amendments to the legislation, current issues, frequently faced problems and solution recommendations are addressed mostly. 

► Special Training Services for Companies
In line with their needs of companies, we provide training services on the dates and issues determined specifically for the related companies. Within this scope, demands of our clients are considered in terms of planning and scope of the training; and high level of services are rendered by agreeing upon the most effective mode of training.