Our global network of experienced transaction tax professionals can help you achieve your strategic goals, in providing advisory and support services regarding company acquisition, company sales, restructuring, development of acquisition and sales models, embarkation on a joint venture, public offering, and controlling contracts for these transactions.           

EY works with many major local and foreign companies/corporations and private equity fund/venture capital companies on some of the most complex deals in the global market and directs comprehensive knowledge and human resources on finance, commerce, accounting, and particularly tax according to specific demands. EY offers objective, responsive advice on potential values and risks and can provide confidence around key subjects and the numbers. EY focuses on providing solutions for growth, profitability and increasing competitiveness, and provides access to the reliable information that is necessary to meet the expectations of worldwide investors.

  • Transaction Tax Advisory and Support Services include "Sell and Buy Side Tax Strategy, Restructuring, Model Development and Contract Control" services in which we share ideas relevant to an entity selling / buying a business and our knowledge and experience about all acquisitions / mergers projects realized.
  • Our advisory and support services encompass all aspects of "Sell and Buy Sides Tax Strategy PreparationProgram" by providing tax due diligence services regarding tax applications to the companies that contemplate disposals / acquisitions.

Purchase and Advisory Services Responsible Partner: Ersin Erdem 

Contact: +90 212 408 52 49