Companies have begun to operate in several countries with the trend of globalization; consequently, major part of world trade now consists of the activities of multinational companies.  The most important method employed by multinational companies in tax optimization is transfer pricing. On the other hand, the tax administrations of the relevant countries insert various tax security mechanisms into their local legislation in order to prevent the erosion in the tax bases in their countries through transfer pricing. 

Therefore, business activities among companies must be performed to avoid any disputes taking into consideration local legislation of the relevant countries. This can be achieved by obtaining the opinions of experts who have a vision and experience in these issues.

Under the scope of Transfer Pricing regulations applied in our country, the services provided by EY Tax Department are presented below:

  • Reviewing transfer pricing applications and reporting the risks
  • Analyzing economic data and establishing transfer pricing structures
  • Adapting global transfer pricing models to branches and affiliates resident in Turkey
  • Providing advisory services on the documentation relating to transfer pricing and the preparation of annual documentation reports
  • Performing studies through international databases for determining arm's length price or profit margin (Benchmark study)
  • Re-organization of supply chain of the companies in harmonization with the current operations in order to increase the effectiveness of the tax management (Tax Effective Supply Chain Management) and evaluation of tax effects and risks of restructuring projects  
  • Providing tax advisory services for disputed issues regarding transfer pricing

Global Transfer Pricing and Efficient Business Model Services Responsible Partner: Alper Yılmaz

Contact:  + 90 212 408 58 75