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35 01/05/2024 Withholding rates for some securities issued by mortgage finance institutions have been re-determined.
34 01/05/2024 The 0% withholding tax applied regarding government bonds, Treasury bills and lease certificates which are issued by HM VKŞ has been extended until 31 July 2024.
33 01/05/2024 Withholding rates regarding investment funds except for foreign currency funds and bonds issued by banks have been re-determined.
32 01/05/2024 Withholding rates regarding deposit interests and dividends paid by participation banks have been re-determined.
31 30/04/2024 Communique on not making inflation adjustment as of first advance tax period of 2024 has been published.
30 29/04/2024 Communique on VAT rate application in terms of food & beverage (catering) services has been published.
29 26/04/2024 The submission and payment periods of the corporate tax return and periods regarding Ba-Bs forms and e-Ledger certificates have been extended.
28 01/04/2024 Rate to be used in terms of re-discount transactions made according to Tax Procedure Law has been determined as 51,75%.
27 29/03/2024 The submission and payment periods of the income tax return, the submission of Ba-Bs forms and uploading of e-Ledger certificates have been extended.
26 29/02/2024 Taxation of income obtained from securities in 2024.