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104 14/11/2022 Law numbered 7421, introducing amendments in terms of Tax Procedure and Corporate Tax Law, has been approved at Grand National Assembly of Republic of Turkey.
103 14/11/2022 The announcement regarding submission of declarations with respect to liquidation, assignment, merger, spin-off and change of form electronically has been published.
102 07/11/2022 Regulations of Law numbered 7420 regarding Tax Procedure Law and other certain laws.
101 07/11/2022 Regulations Law numbered 7420, including amendments on Income and Corporate Tax.
100 31/10/2022 Explanations have been made regarding obtaining wages from multiple employers in terms of public administrations and private sector.
99 27/10/2022 Exemption applicable for income obtained from translation of foreign currencies to TRY by companies shall also be applied for foreign currency included on their respective balance sheets dated 30.09.2022.
98 26/10/2022 Submission and payment periods of VAT, WPSD and stamp tax declarations have been extended.
97 26/10/2022 Certain amendments have been made on VAT General Practices Communique.
96 24/10/2022 Regulations, including amendments in Tax Procedure and Corporate Tax Law, of Bill of Law presented to Grand National Assembly of Republic of Turkey on October 20.
95 11/10/2022 Explanations were made regarding the taxation of the money received in favor of the insurance companies as a result of recourse and salvage transactions in terms of BITT.