Tax Alerts 2020



Date Title  
23/11/2020 Turkey enacts law on restructuring certain receivables and amends certain tax laws
09/10/2020 Turkey's election regarding Article 5 of the MLI may impact certain tax treaties
18/09/2020 Turkey extends dividend distribution limitations until 31 December 2020
15/06/2020 Turkey's Central Bank now requires certain companies to submit weekly report of foreign exchange position
08/06/2020 Turkey revises tax rate for certain financial instruments
08/06/2020 Turkey introduces guidelines on exemption applied on FX gains related to calculation of capital gains derived from shares 
26/05/2020 Turkey increases BITT rate for F/X transactions and withholding rate on income from short-term lease certificates and commercial papers 
21/05/2020 Turkey ratifies Double Tax Treaty with Argentina
06/05/2020 Turkey collects Digital Services Tax payments
17/04/2020 Turkey postpones deadlines for 2019 corporation tax and enacts law to amend tax and legal provisions due to Covid-19
17/04/2020 Turkey launches website for Digital Services Tax 
09/04/2020 Turkey proposes draft Bill amending several laws due to Covid-19
30/03/2020 Turkey amends several laws due to Covid-19
27/03/2020 Turkey sets out tax practices for taxpayers under force majeure
23/03/2020 Turkey publishes final General Communique on the Implementation of the Digital Services Tax
19/03/2020 Turkey introduces Economic Stability Shield Package to reduce the impact of Covid-19
28/02/2020 Turkey updates draft DST Communique
06/02/2020 Turkey publishes Draft General Communique on Digital Services Tax
15/01/2020 Turkey's 7,5% Digital Services Tax to be effective 1 March 2020
02/01/2020 Turkey further extends time period for Asset Peace Incentive provisions