Tax Alerts 2022



Date Title  
10/11/2022 Türkiye enacts new law amending various tax laws
31/10/2022 Türkiye extends application of corporation tax exemption on "FX-protectes Deposit and Participation Accounts" to 30 September dated balance sheets
20/10/2022 Türkiye proposes new bill that clarifies the tax treatment of capital reduction
14/09/2022 Türkiye confirms non-taxable status of liaison offices that are licensed to perform regional management center activities and that do not perform any commercial activities
27/7/2022 Türkiye increases ratio for time spent outside of Technology Development Zones and R&D centers
30/06/2022 Türkiye's Istanbul Finance Center Law enters into force
16/06/2022 Türkiye's Country-by-Country Reporting Notification deadline is 30 June 2022
09/06/2022 Türkiye introduces Istanbul Finance Center
01/06/2022 Turkey introduces continuous reporting requirement of certain information for property listings published on the internet
17/05/2022 Turkey publishes Communiqué regarding one-point corporation tax rate reduction on certain income generated from manufacturing and exportation
17/05/2022 Turkey publishes Communiqué on inflation adjustment for revaluation purposes
20/04/2022 Turkey enacts new tax law
19/04/2022 Turkey increases special consumption tax base for portable radiotelephone devices
30/03/2022 Turkey proposes new tax bill
23/03/2022 Turkey's TP documentation requirement deadlines are approaching
21/03/2022 Turkey's General Directorate of Customs issues letter clarifying the Special Consumption Tax base
01/02/2022 Turkey enacts law to postone inflation accounting and provides corporation tax exemption on gains related to conversions into Turkish Lira
01/02/2022 Turkey reduces its corporation tax rate by one point for certain corporations on specified income
19/01/2022 Turkey introduces bill that postpones inflation accounting and announces new corporate income tax exemptions on gains in case of conversions into Turkish Lira