Tax Alerts 2021



Date Title  
22/12/2021 Turkey reduces withholding tax rate on dividend distributions to 10%
22/12/2021 Turkey temporarily reduces the withholding tax rate on income and gains derived from goverment bonds, treasury bills and lease certificates
23/11/2021 Turkey announces Joint Statement with the United States on Unilateral Measures Compromise - Digital Services Tax
22/11/2021 Turkey publishes draft Communiqué regarding electronic documents
05/11/2021 Turkey enacts new tax Law
04/10/2021 Turkey proposes new tax bill
08/09/2021 Turkey reduces withholding tax rate to 0% for certain venture capital and real estate investment fund earnings
07/09/2021 Turkey extends application and first installment payment deadlines for Tax Amnesty
16/08/2021 Turkey publishes Ultimate Benefical Owner Declaration Form
13/07/2021 Turkey issues Communiqué on Ultimate Beneficial Owner declaration requirement
15/06/2021 Turkey sets effective date for Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account ınformation
14/06/2021 Turkey approves Tax Amnesty Law
25/05/2021 Turkey issues guidance on financing expense deduction restriction, taxation of share buybacks and reduced income tax rate for publicly held companies
26/04/2021 Turkey increases corporation tax rate for 2021 and 2022 tax years
05/04/2021 Turkey proposes increase in corporation tax rate
04/02/2021 Turkey amends tax laws on deduction of financial expenses anf withholding rates on multi-year construction works