Tax Alerts 2023



Date Title  
08/12/2023 Turkiye proposes a draft law amending various tax laws affecting corporations and individuals doing business abroad 
01/12/2023 Turkiye removes right to deduct import VAT calculated due to certain trade policy measures
26/10/2023 Turkiye increases additional customs duty rates on textile industry
25/09/2023 Turkiye amends accounting standards to align with BEPS 2.0 Pillar Two legislation
15/09/2023 Turkiye's Constitutional Court annuals rule that allows blocking access to digital services upon default on Digital Services Tax liability
18/07/2023 Turkiye's new law increasing the corporation tax rates enters into force
10/07/2023 Turkiye increases VAT rates on goods and services
10/07/2023 Turkiye limits 0% withholding tax rate on share-buy-back transactions for corporations with shares traded in Borsa Istanbul
10/07/2023 Turkiye proposes amandments in Turkish tax laws, including an increase in corporate income tax rates
02/06/2023 Turkey's country-by-country reporting notification deadline is 3 July 2023
31/05/2023 Turkey extends the deadline for tax amnesty application
23/03/2023 Türkiye introduces tax amnesty
23/03/2023 Türkiye introduces additional tax for 2022
15/02/2023 Türkiye reduces withholding tax to 0% on share-buy-back transactions
07/02/2023 Türkiye announces customs exemption regarding aid materials sent from abroad in response to recent earthquakes
05/01/2023 Türkiye implements Accommodation Tax